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gk express

Fueling people who live their life fast and furiously.
We are a new place around, with a touch of urban chic, a bit rebellious, even revolutionary we would say, but honestly, we’re not changing the world, we just want to make it better. We really love to eat, we cannot help it – changes from day to day and from mood to mood, you probably know what we are talking about, sense every crave is unique on its own way, so is the Grill Kebab menu.

GK isn’t just about live sports, our two spacious terraces have no screens so you can enjoy just the atmosphere with good friends whilst enjoying that dining or wining experience, it’s all been created with you in mind and best of all, we set the prices to lowest possible, to share our love with you. We’re keeping it real for real people like you. Honestly!



We’re not too big on formality, you’re welcome to drop by anytime. But if you’re making a special trip or bringing friends, tell us you’re coming and we’ll save you a space

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